Welcome to the Brandeis University Computer Science Showcase

At the end of each medium to large student project, we often ask a student or team of students to register their project for our showcase. Some of these were part of regular courses, others were independent studies and others were part of industry partnerships.

Click on the links below to see the code, the presentations and the project summary pages for some of our recent projects

Name Summary Links Course Date

Workout TeamUp

A website based application which aims to provide a open platform for people to find workout partners and/or groups. This application provides users with profile management, activity initiation, activity joining, achievement recording, commenting, rating and map location services. CS166B 2018 (Fall)


Streamline is a calendar app launched in 2018 with the vision to integrate the functionalities of a standard notepad and calendar to enable users to seamlessly transfer existing notes to their calendars without having to manually create new calendar events. CS166B 2018 (Fall)


Providing students a secure and cheap platform to get affordable ride from other students! With RideShare, you can request a ride or drive someone in your area. Select your driver or rider based on the distance between your destinations and departing points. CS166B 2018 (Fall)


Welcome to GotCrash, your one-stop shop for all your car problems! Use it as an auto shop to sell your store and find local jobs. Use it as an owner of a car to share your car problems with all nearby shops. Our app also has in-app chat feature to negotiate any deals and afterwards add ratings to any shop you worked with. CS166B 2018 (Fall)


BranPlan is an academic planning application intended for the Brandeis University undergraduate community. Our vision is to have a platform which merges a variety of existing and new functionality in terms of academic planning and scheduling. CS166B 2018 (Fall)

Auto Grader

An online testing platform for Brandeis Computer Science classes. AutoGrader allows students to submit assignments to itself, which runs Junit test online instead of having a TA download and run the tests locally. Then TA can grade the coding style and update the students' grades on the website, and the professor can check the grades online and export them as csv file. CS166B 2018 (Fall)

Tool Town

Tool Town came as an online tools rental platform to solve household problems. We wanted to provide an online marketplace where people could rent and lease out tools as needed. With Tool Town, users can have fast, immediate access to an online marketplace showing you a wide array of tools being rented out around town. Whether renting a tool for a one-time occasion or just wanting to rent out some leftover equipment, Tool Town is the one-stop location to meet all tool rental needs. CS165A 2018 (Fall)

QR Code Dining

QR Code Dining's goal is to bring a better overall dining experience to restaurant diners and increase the workflow efficiency of the restaurants' operation. Our product can reduce the wait time of restaurant diners. By scanning QR codes, customers can add their names on restaurantís waitlist, view detailed and pictured menu, place food orders, and pay online. Furthermore, we believe that restaurants are currently incurring many unnecessary costs, and that restaurants employees are dealing with tasks that can be done by machines. Our product can drastically reduce restaurantsí operating costs and workloads. CS165A 2018 (Fall)


Introducing the first online social platform for people to find others to work out with! With Off the Bench, you can find pick-up games or events in your area, join and search for games based on skill level, location, sport, and other filters, create games for a specific time and a place, set up a calendar to look for games while you’re away CS165A 2018 (Fall)


MakeBox is a subscription service that assists users in finding makeup products that work for their skin color and type. By taking a survey at the moment of subscription, our makeup experts can match the user with their makeup needs. We provide our users with 8-10 products which they then narrow down to 5, which are delivered to them every 3 months in a special makeup box. We take the time and stress away from buying makeup while still giving users fun and useful alternatives to their daily routine that work well for them. CS165B 2018 (Fall)


Every student who plays an instrument knows how daunting it is to find students to collaborate with on a musical project, rehearse for an event, or simply jam with and have a good time. JamSeshNow is an app that connects student musician together and with practice locations. CS 165a - Software Entrepreneurship 2018 Fall


GoodTrades is a one-stop-shop for information to make good trades on ethically social companies! GoodTrades aggregates data from multiple sources about companies' social and ethical values on a grade scale of A to F, matches users with companies that best fit their interests, and provides users with information about companies' social activities. CS165A 2018 (Fall)


EasyParks connects drivers with parking spot owners for low-cost and reserved parking. EasyPark tries to provide this service to increase the supply of parking both in urban as well as suburban areas. CS165A 2018 (Fall)


Have you every struggled with college course selection? Coursigner automatically generates a unique, customizable schedule catered to the needs and desires of the student user. Coursigner offers a robust starting point for students to kick start their course-choosing process in order to help ensure their success as college students. CS165A 2018 (Fall)


Cirrus is a remote gaming service that enables users to play high power, graphics intensive games on inexpensive mobile computers using a Remote Desktop model. CS165a 2018 (Fall)


An app that allows you to enter your allergies then lets you search for surrounding restaurants and suggests restaurants. Based on the allergy information you input, the app will give you a personalized menu of all dishes that are safe to consume in any selected restaurant. CS165A 2018 (Fall)


AfterGlobe is a travel app that generates a unique travel plan based on a user’s interests and specifications. Users enter information such as what city they are visiting, how long the visit will be, their budget, what interests they have, who they will be traveling with, along with many others. The app then automatically generates a plan that includes housing, transportation, food, and activities for the entirety of the trip. AfterGlobe’s purpose is to take the burden off of the traveler of planning their entire trip. CS165A 2018 (Fall)


Covart is an app that facilitates and simplifies the process of collaboration between upcoming artists CS165A 2017 (Fall)


Our goal with PicFood is to change the way you look for food. When shopping for anything else online, it's easy to find a visual catalog with a preview of each item. However, this is not always the case when looking for what to eat. People love looking at images and videos of food, but websites like Yelp only show an unorganized glimpse of the dishes at any given restaurant. PicFood aims to show users all the delicious options restaurants have to offer in a vivid, mouth watering way. CS165B 2017 (Fall)


Parallel is a collaborative annotation and visualization platform for university science courses. Parallel is a new LMS plugin that lets you into insert interactive 3D chemical models into your course materials. You can keep using your own lecture slides; Parallel lets you easily enhance them on the fly. Visual learners can play and review complex reactions. It improves upon the class web forum. Students can post questions and share notes in the material, and you can even add interactive visual quizzes. Check it out on Canvas CS165A 2017 (Fall)


OffCampus is a web application to help university students find and sublet their off-campus housing. We provide a plethora of features to make this process as easy and useful as possible, including direct messaging between users, advanced filters, reviews of homes, and more. CS165A 2017 (Fall)


Matching people with local service providers, Flank delivers immediate service and transparent prices through the combination of technology and traditional matching and selection techniques. The last time you needed a plumber, how quickly did he arrive? Not fast enough I bet. We are Flank and we provide on demand service completion by connecting service providers to customers. As a customer, it’s one and done; Flank will instantly connect you to the professional you need, and he’ll be on his way. When the job is done, what you pay won’t be a surprise nor will it break the bank. So the next time you’re locked out or have a clogged toilet, just Flank it! CS165a 2017 (fall)


Alpha3D is a web-based 3D printing service specifically for biomolecule models. Unlike what people imagined, 3D printing is actually a unpleasant and tedious process. Even printing a small object can be failed due to wrong settings like temperature. Printing a high quality model requires correctly set temperature, material, orientations, slicing and supports. Our secret is inside the black box. While we provide the users with an affordable price, our algorithms, materials used and hardwares will be optimized for this purpose to guarantee a care-free servic CS165A 2017 (Fall)


Accountable is the first ever mobile app for students working in groups. We help students manage their projects across multiple classes, and the nuances of dividing up tasks and completing them on time. Students who work hard in groups get rewarded for it. Whether that be a more individualized grade from the professor, an endorsement from peers on their Accountable profile page for being good at a certain skill or by taking their Accountability Report to potential employers to land that dream job. We do the organizational work so our students don't have to. Group work just got easier and the cycle of free riders in the group work world? That's just been put to an end. CS165A 2017 (Fall)


OffCampus is a web application to help university students find and sublet their off-campus housing. We provide a plethora of features to make this process as easy and useful as possible, including direct messaging between users, advanced filters, reviews of homes, and more. CS166B 2017 (Fall)


AspirinX is a web-based and database-driven application that brings programming assignments to the cloud. A teacher can create and post a programming assignment, retrieve all submissions, grade them, run unit tests and analyze the results, and export grades all without leaving the app. A student can view programming assignments, code a solution, compile and run the code, submit the assignment and view a grade, all from within AspirinX. CS166B 2017 (Fall)

Healthcare Decoder

These days, everyone could use help managing their healthcare from time to time. With the Healthcare Decoder, staying healthy and knowing the options available to you no longer feels like fumbling around in the dark. Look up possible diagnoses for your particular ailments, keep track of symptoms and visits for easy reference, access a network of healthcare resources and events in your area, or get an estimate of what medical services will cost you through your insurance! The Healthcare Decoder makes it easy to find the right options for your individual health needs. CS166b 2017 (Fall)


WExchange is a platform where users can hire content creators to complete work for them. With WExchange, users can find and request work from content creators in a secure environment, and content creators can be sure they will get proper compensation.\ 2017 (Fall)\


My Jira is a clear-to-read and easy-to-update team project tracking tool built with Ruby on Rails as an online version of Kanban board. CS166B 2017 (Fall)


Dicer is a domain-specifc social network that allows Dungeons and Dragons players to find and connect with other players. Dicer is a social media meet-up app for people, veterans and newcomers alike, to quickly find other people to play Dungeons and Dragons with. CS166b 2017 (Spring)


Melo.D.B is a searchable database that allows users to find information on artists, albums, and songs. It lets them rate and review albums, and participate in discussions on their favorite artists. CS166b 2017 (Spring)


Web application that allow users to search for parties hosted by other users on our platform. If you're planning a party, let the world know. If you are looking for some fun, check out the list on Fiesto. CS166b 2017 (Spring)

Search Local Farmers Markets - Harvest

Do you want to know what products are being sold at the farmers market you see coming home from work? Harvest is an application that lets you to search for what you need at local farmers markets. CS166b 2017 (Spring)


An app that allows Brandeis students to find campus events they are interested in. They can search for, see recommended events, save events to their calendar, and receive text reminders about the event. CS166b 2017 (Spring)

TA OnDemand

TA OnDemand is a Ruby on Rails application designed to improve the relationship between teaching assistants and students in large University classes. CS166b 2017 (Spring)


Be better than a professional event planner. We are an interactive (and social) platform that allows for fast, low-cost, and easy planning of any type of event catered to the individual user. CS165a 2016 (Fall)


EscapeVR is a virtual reality app for relaxation. EscapeVR lets you escape from the real world with calming 3D environments. CS165a 2016 (Fall)


DoIt will encourage more people to get and stay healthy while challenging their friends to do so as well, by making going to the gym more fun and holding people accountable for their goals. CS165a 2016 (Fall)


A system comprising of a mobile (Apple Watch) app, an in-room raspberry-PI, and a cloud service, demonstrating sophisticated user-centric control of Digital Lumens light fixtures. Cosi Field Project 2016 (fall)


Pairing aspiring chefs with hungry and busy individuals to create an affordable and home cooked meal. AirChef is a mobile and desktop application that will make healthy and delicious home-cooked meals a reality for college students on a daily basis. CS165a 2016 (Fall)

Accessible Pedestrian Routes 2

This is a continuation of this project. Accessible Pedestrian Routes is an application that captures data on Boston's present sidewalk conditions by offering a mobile app and back end system to allow crowd sourcing of this crucial and hard to capture information. Cosi Field Project 2016 (Fall)


Provide a platform for players to play locally with their friends, regardless of their skill level forming a more cohesive gaming community, allowing all players to play. CS165a 2016 (Fall)

Game of Loans

Game of Loans is an application that provides its users with three key amenities information, convenience and motivation. Users are encouraged and empowered to start paying off their loan principal and interest ahead of schedule, saving themselves time, interest, and headaches CS165a 2016 (Fall)


Crimiplegia is an information based company that helps travellers from all over the world to understand potential risks better and feel safer when travelling. CS165a 2016 Fall


AmIFull provides restaurants with real time data analysis about how many customers are in their store and how long they stay as well as if they are new customers or returning. CS165a 2016 Fall

Accessible Pedestrian Routes Project

The Trip Planning Project is the result of collaboration between the City of Boston Mayor's Commission for Persons with Disabilities and a team of four Brandeis University students. The City of Boston was interested in the creation of a Google Maps transit option for users with disabilities to navigate safely and predictably around Boston and worked with the Brandeis students to create a deliverable that fit their needs. Cosi Field Project 2015 (Spring)

Food Trucks in Boston

City of Boston Food Truck Scheduling: A web system that automates the selection process that allows food truck owners to participate in lottery process remotely and also reduce the time of the event Cosi Field Project 2015 (Spring)


Since customers still go to brick and mortar stores, and will continue to do so, we want to intercept their mobile activity right in the store. We designed a native in­store consumer app that provides an interactive and personalized experience in the store. This application combines features that commonly exist in online shopping while providing the benefits of brick ­and­ mortar retail stores. Cosi Field Project 2015 (Spring)


DueWiz is an application designed to help students keep track of assignments, class homeworks, and other projects. It allows them to share updated project information with each other and provides a one-stop platform for task and due date information. CS166B 2016 (Spring)


Mapperies is an application for travelers to upload and view their pictures on a map. They can then see where they have traveled to by viewing where on the map these pictures were taken and can also decide on new places to go. CS166B 2016 (Spring)


Kesef is an application which allows children to come up with a list of items that he/she wishes to buy. By completing various tasks as determined by the parent, the children would be able to earn ‘Stars’, which the children would be able to manage, and eventually accumulate enough to make purchases. CS165A 2015 (Fall)


With Garma, we sought to build the Shazam for Fashion. Put quite simply, if you have an image of a person whose fashion you admire, our app should help you find the items of clothing you are interested in. CS166B 2016 (Spring)

Flex Trade

Flex Trade functions simply as a brokerage platform that allows trading of fractional shares. The ability to buy and trade shares lends itself to valuable investing strategies, such as building diverse portfolios.. CS165A 2015 (Fall)

Exhibition Time Machine

A whole new way to experience art anywhere from anywhere. Exhibition Time Machine is the solution to these problems that both Museums and art lovers all over the world experience. Using Exhibition Time Machine, museums can easily upload their content which is then archived and displayed on their designated page. Allowing museums to document their exhibits while simultaneously allowing people to appreciate them from anywhere in the world. CS166B 2016 (Spring)

Errand Runner

We make the lives of college students easier. Our app allows students to connect with other students who would be willing to run these errands for them in exchange for a fee. By helping college students maximize their time we hope to help them prioritize their goals and succeed. CS165A 2015 (Fall)


Eleven is a spontaneous chatroom service which connects you with others based on their interests. Discussion groups are fluid and temporary, letting you mingle for as long ­ or short ­ as you like. CS165A 2015 (Fall)


Our mission is to revolutionize the way farmers carry out farming and conduct agribusiness by introducing modern technology. Farmers who need superior equipment at low prices, businesses looking for better deals on products, and even businessmen looking to lease and own land will now have an up­to­date, advanced community in which to shop for the best deals. CS165A 2015 (Fall)

Buy Together

We, BuyTogether, believe that our product can connect the people of tomorrow. We find groups of people who are just shy of big savings and bring them together. We save you money on every purchase and allow you and your friends to enjoy the events you want to go! CS165A 2015 (Fall)

IMDB for Books

IMDB For CS Books aggregates good sources of long-form learning about a broad swathe of topics in Software Engineering and Computer Science. For now, we have collected a set of books that we think are a good resource. In the future, this will expand to include materials such as online tutorials, e-books, etc. CS166B 2016 (Spring)


Deis Dorm is an online community for Brandeis students to share their comments about dorms and accumulate data. Students can post their reviews with hash tags and pictures, search dorm building on the map, view building blueprint with room dots on, and ask questions in the forum. A key part of the site is the room matching algorithm on the user profile page that predicts preferable rooms according to a user’s preferences and lottery number. CS166B 2016 (Spring)

Campus GPS

This app is instant gratification for building-to-building directions. Send text directions to anyone, look for nearby points of interest on the map. Use this app while browsing or on the go. CS166B 2016 (Spring)

Young Persons Personal Finance

YPPF aims top help users learn to manage their finances. It offers straightforward data input mechanisms to add income, expenses and bills and provides flexible viewing options. CS166B 2016 (Spring)

Trending Technologies Radar

Research and tools to discover and report on trends in technology by mining social media and other publicly available data. Cosi Field Project 2016 (Spring)

KnowledgeVision Template Designer

Our main objective for the Spring 2016 Senior Field Project was to create a tool for KnowledgeVision that allows their customers and non-technical staff to create customized templates without the necessity of front-end development skills. Cosi Field Project 2016 (Spring)

Off The Bench

Introducing the first online social platform for people to find others to work out with! With Off the Bench, you can find pick-up games or events in your area, join and search for games based on skill level, location, sport, and other filters, create games for a specific time and a place, set up a calendar to look for games while you’re away CS166B 2016 (Spring)

Streambase / Poseidon

Real-time JSON streaming application. Connect. Manipulate. Profit. Cosi Field Project 2015 (Spring)


Surveyor is the best way to conduct Market Research on Millennials CS166B 2015 (Spring)

Market Watch

What's happening in the financial markets? Monitor your portfolio by getting real time alerts on quantitative data(price, percentage change, graphs etc) and qualitative data through twitter sentiment analysis. CS166B 2015 (Spring)

Margin Call

Keep your investments in check, with market alerts from MarginCall CS166B 2015 (Spring)


Choose where to eat based on what the meals look like! CS166B 2015 (Spring)


Finally automate the collection of DJ playlists and reporting for campus radio stations CS166B 2015 (Spring)

Carpe Diem

Ad-hoc activities, spotting events of interest happening in your community! "Ever wondered where to get free food in Brandeis campus right now?"" CS166B 2015 (Spring)

Campus Gps

Visitors avoid getting lost when trying to find Feldberg 131 or Gzag 124 CS166b 2015 (Spring)

Barter Me

One man's trash is another man's treasure. BarterMe, Person to person trading made simple CS166b 2015 (Spring)